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Many people have asked, "Dick Blick - is that a real person?" The answer is yes. Dick Blick's first catalog originated in 1911 in the form of a small pamphlet issued by the company's founders, Dick and Grace Blick. Their first product was a lettering pen, which quickly became a bestseller. Their "warehouse" was their kitchen, and their "shipping department" was the Galesburg, Illinois, post office.

Today, Blick Art Materials is in its third generation of family ownership and is the largest and oldest provider of art supplies in the United States. Our products cater to the full spectrum of artists - from the youngest child ready to scribble with his or her first crayon to well-known, gallery represented professionals. Our superior customer service, extensive selection, and competitive prices make us the choice for professional and amateur artists, art educators, architects, designers, students, and hobbyists - virtually anyone requiring quality art materials for work or pleasure.

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