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Sotheby's Institute of Art - London

The Summer Study programme offers intensive four-week courses in areas of art business, art history and finance. The programme is designed for undergraduates, career changers, study abroad participants and those interested in art and cultural history. Courses are offered over two sessions and students may attend both.
4-week Summer Study Courses: 26th May -19th June, 2015
Art & its Markets
Contemporary Art in London
European Decorative Arts - From Baroque to Art Nouveau
4-week Summer Study Courses: 23rd June- 17th July, 2015
Art & its Markets
Arts of Asia
Art Photography and its Markets
Contemporary Art in London
Finance and the Art Market
Michelangelo to Matisse: European Art, 1500-1900
These courses offer interesting and compelling insights into the art world and include lectures and seminars led by Sotheby's Institute of Art faculty, international experts and leading practitioners in the field. Visits to major collections in London's museums, auction houses, artists' studios and royal palaces allow each participant to develop a deeper understanding of the art.
Academic Credits
Summer courses are validated by the University of Manchester. Students completing one full-time Summer Study course are awarded 20 University of Manchester undergraduate credits.
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Sotheby's Institute of Art - London
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